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Andy Polaris in the hot seat: wearing Samson Soboye for his Blitzed interview

Director of the new TV documentary on the Blitz club
Bruce Ashley writes:
To all Blitz fans – coming Saturday 13th March 9pm on Sky Arts. The premiere of the feature length doc “Blitzed” I directed with my mate Michael Donald. See the trailer above!

The story of the Blitz Club, the 80s Blitz Kids and their influence that shaped the 80s featuring the following talented ensemble reflecting on their extraordinary experiences and the resulting cultural shifts that still resonate today. Boy George, Midge Ure, Gary Kemp, Rusty Egan, Marilyn, Princess Julia, Andy Polaris, Robert Elms, Chris Sullivan, Stephen Jones, Dylan Jones, La Roux, Michele Clapton, Darla-Jane Gilroy, Fiona Dealey and Steve Dagger.