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Halston in Dalston discorama
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Grace, Pierre et Gilles: Seen That Face . . . Lost in music

One backdrop. Some glitter vinyl. One mirrorball. A certain amount of hope and determination. This year we decided on an end-of-year celebratory window that incorporates the season’s parties at Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

dance music,Grace Jones,1970s, Amanda Lear, sleeves
Pivotal albums from Grace Jones and Amanda Lear

Why not have a vintage window that relives the best parties that you can remember? With the help of a New York skyline (including the Twin Towers) we created a disco lounge complete with mirror-ball, shimmering silver dance-floor and fashionable models wearing everything from Karl Lagerfeld to Reiss. We are looking back to the 70s and like the Harvey Nichols Studio 54 display, our oldest mannequin Lucy is channelling Lauren Hutton or Maud Adams, the lady in red Amanda Lear and golden lady Grace Jones.

Two influential artists of my youth released the pivotal albums Grace Jones Portfolio in ’77 and Amanda Lear Sweet Revenge in ’78. They were as important as punk, and were beacons of a different kind of beauty, and an antidote to bland. This affair has lasted way into adulthood.

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This week says party like it’s 1979 and take New Year’s inspiration from the golden era of New York nightlife

❏ Coincidentally today BBC News has reposted the report featuring my work in Secrets of the Christmas window dressers which compared Christmas 2013 window displays in East London and West.

❏ I have also posted quite a few of my favourite festive retail windows on my Instagram/Andypolaris where you can follow. It’s a mix of East End boy meets West End windows.

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Flashback: Can you sign me in? I’m not a member

Window design/styling/concept by Andy.
Lighting /backdrop by Steve Kelly and assistance by Chris(mas) on the flooring.
Music: Odyssey, Native New Yorker; Elbow Bones and the Racketeers, Take Me For A Night In New York.