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Today’s tweet by Hoxton Radio showing Oxfam windows

Today Hoxton Radio’s weekly fashion spot invited me on-air to talk about local trends. Here’s an extract from what I was saying about Oxfam Dalston being so special:

“So much has changed in East London. Once an area starts becoming gentrified and new stores come in, everybody has to up their game. You’re competing with places like Westfield, why do people want to shop in local shops instead of going to big malls?

Hoxton Radio, logo, fashion“Small independent shops, especially charities, have to up their game. You always need to be bringing in new customers, and that’s the whole idea behind windows. People who’d never cross the path of Oxfam actually come in now because of the windows, once you’ve broken that stigma around charity shops.

“And some of stuff we get in – for example, I’ve had an Alexander McQueen in the window, and a Vivienne Westwood – with the demographic changing, more richer people coming, so your donations change. In Dalston, you can get vintage donations going back really far. There’s a huge amount of vintage shops in the area – I’ve counted seven in Brick Lane . . . and in the current climate, if you want to keep new people coming into your shop while you’re evolving, you must keep it fresh.”


Listen again to Andy on today’s Hoxton Fashion,
starting at about 24 mins in:

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Hoxton Radio’s fashion team today: presenters Antonia O’Brien and Sarah Mulindwa, guest Harriet from Blue Tit Salon, Andy Polaris (second right) and presenter David @thepreshaah